Spring season


Spring is where everything will come to life, we can really start to use local ingredients in our cocktails, make new exciting liqueurs and purées. The scent of spring includes flowers, herbs and vegetables; like rosehip, roasted thyme and many more. Inspiration comes from the local market and the nature itself.

Summer season


We aim for sparkling colourful exciting cocktails, the ones you remember from the 80’s – tiki cocktails and fruit from the around the world will hit your glass. Amongst the finest are guava, prickly pear and acai berries. Watch out for the Zombie served in a monkey head!

We need a long summer season to make sure all our local guests have the chance to taste it all. So bring your short skirts and your shades – it’s summer!

late fall / winter season


This season is all about imagination, we need to be on top of our game. Late harvest of juicy garden fruits, different roots and the lovely citrus, will be in our minds when creating this menu. Also expect lots of rich and spicy cocktails that will keep you warm in the cold weather Copenhagen has to offer. Enjoy everything in our heated garden.