The Story

Freddy’s Unique Garden Union is a tale of five good friends with a unique love for drinking cocktails outside in Freddy´s garden.

Every so often they would meet up to enjoy each other’s company, exchange their latest stories, and mix perfectly blended innovative cocktails.

One unfortunate day, Freddy had to move away from the beloved garden, but their outdoor cocktail gatherings were too precious to give up.
Thus the search for a new garden commenced. 

After a long and desperate search, the five friends finally found a unique garden in the center of Copenhagen, where it was possible to sit outside
all year long, mix innovative cocktails and tell their stories… This is how Freddy’s Unique Garden Union (FUGU for short), came to be.

Today the five friends not only tell stories and mix cocktails for themselves, but also welcome everybody else to a cup of alcohol, infused tea or
coffee, a modern cocktail composition or a true cocktail classic from the bygone days.

Opening hours


Thursday – Saturday 
18:00 – Until Freddy says so

Happy HourThurs. - Sat.18.00 to 20.002 cocktails for the price of 1


Ask Freddy a question

Small Groups
( less than 20 pax)

Large Groups
(+20 pax)

Lost & Found